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Professional composers, designers, programmers, and writers with a love for music make up the core of our company. Our goal is to share this excitement with you by offering world-class customer service and the greatest royalty-free music.


At “Melodive Music,” we have a carefully chosen library of unique royalty-free music composed by hand-selected musicians.

We deliver and spread the most universally acclaimed and commercially successful music to thrill audiences worldwide.

“Melodive Music” enables you to design and enhance your creative and commercial productions with our royalty-free and contemporary music. Here where all the enthusiastic artists across all mediums such as content creators, YouTubers, professional filmmakers, indie filmmakers, artists, video game developers, freelancers and vloggers can discover an instrument in that provides food for their preferences, style and needs.


Melodive music is more than simply a website. We’re a group of dedicated programmers, designers, and musicians who love what they do. It is a collection of world-class composers who pour their souls into the music they make. We want to give you with the greatest possible experience with high-quality music, straightforward licensing, and a dedication to world-class service.

We are selective about the songs and artists we include in our collection. Thus, we can be certain that all of the music in our collection is of great quality and completely unique.


You will find everything you need right here at “Melodive Music”.  You’ll find any music for TV, cinema, radio, entertainment, virtual platforms, and marketing purposes.

All independent and professional filmmakers may create the ideal tone and atmosphere for their films in every genre, including epic, action, and drama, with the help of our music.

Moreover, we provide the groundwork for our videogame developer colleagues to infuse your videogames with enthusiasm and make them so memorable with our royalty-free music. At “Melodive Music,” you can quickly locate and purchase any music from our action and uplifting music selection.

We also encourage advertisers to use our royalty-free music to highlight and promote their brands.

The library of “Melodive Music” is full of royalty free music suitable for social media, short films, advertisement, videos, business, film, marketing, video games, television and other multimedia projects.


Our selection of royalty-free stock music features the sophisticated sound of major production companies. We’ve got your soundtrack covered with an enormous assortment of music spanning numerous genres and styles. We offer great discounts and offers for production houses, studios and individuals that require many soundtracks for various projects. Get in touch with us and make a request.


Here at “Melodive Music” you may commission your own soundtrack for your video production. Our professionals specialize on generating new and original music scores that serve your project. Melodive Music is a collective of music producers, directors, and media experts that can manage your music and soundtrack requirements from conception to completion.

Get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through the process of creating the ideal music score for your next project.

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