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What exactly is Royalty Free Music?

The term “royalty-free” doesn’t mean that you can always use it in your videos for free. However, it indicates that you are granted all necessary rights to sync the music in your film or video and that the music source will not charge you for each usage, copy, or volume sold, and so on.

What exactly is a Full Track?

A Full Track is a complete musical composition featuring an intro and outro. There is a variety of track lengths ranging from 50 seconds to 10 minutes.

What is a music loop?

A Music Loop is a piece of music that “loops,” or continuously repeats itself. Our bundles include loops of different sorts and lengths. Please keep in mind that loops are always sent in .wav format since MP3 format is incompatible with looping. As a demonstration, each music loop is played three times in the preview music player. The loops set comprises all the loops seen in the preview window and does not include an ending piece; just the loops are included.

Is it secure to buy from your website?

We recognize the importance of security while making online transactions. Melodive Music employs a cutting-edge encryption processing mechanism. Only our bank and Stripe have access to your data, which is stored on a separate, secure server.

Can I purchase Melodive Music archive elsewhere?

No, all of our music was developed specifically for Melodive Music by our talented team of professional musicians and composers. This comprises popular classical compositions, public domain music, Christmas carols, and children’s songs. In certain instances, the original copyright has expired, and the recording and arrangement made by our musicians is exclusive. All of our adaptations and recordings are protected by copyright.

Will Melodive Music disclose, distribute, or sell my email address and other personal data?

No! Melodive Music values your privacy and security, so will never share, distribute, rent, or sell our customers’ e-mail addresses or personal contact details to a third party.

Is it possible to obtain a refund if I return a music file?

Melodive Music does not provide refunds for music files that have been purchased and downloaded, unless an error has occurred.

If I purchase a license, will the voiceover be retained?

No. The “” voiceover is only visible while previewing tracks. After buying a license, a clean copy will be available for download.

The Melodive Music voiceover is still on the music after I bought a license!

You’re probably still listening to a preview file that you downloaded. The easiest method to re-download your purchase from the Orders section.

How quickly will I get the music that I purchase from Melodive Music?

You may instantly download your music from the ORDER section of your account after your purchase has been finalized. In addition, we automatically transmit a link to the specified email address. Please check your “Junk” or “Spam” folder if you haven’t received the download instructions through email. For Melodive Music members, the file can also be found on their account.

I paid for a license, but my receipt indicates an additional charge. Why?

We are conscious of these additional credit card fees, but we are not responsible for them. Melodive Music never accepts or charges additional payments; when you buy our products, the entire amount you see on your screen is the money we earn. The additional price included on your billing account is a “foreign transaction fee”. This is the service cost for Stripe.

What is the proper way to give credit to Melodive Music for the music I've used?

Crediting Melodive Music’s artists and products is important and courteous. It is very appreciated if you credit our soundtracks and artists in the way specified below in any films, podcasts, or streaming:

Artist’s Name / Title of Music Pieces / courtesy of

YouTube notified me that the music I licensed from Melodive Music belonged to a third party and that I must remove it from my channel. What should I do?

Initially, we apologize if this occurs. We can ensure you that all of our music is completely free of copyright issues. Utilizing our royalty-free music with a bought license is completely legal, and you are not breaking any laws. Simply countering the accusation with your Melodive Music license is the most effective answer. After that, the claim will be dismissed. Please keep in mind that your Melodive Music license does NOT provide you permission to submit your project to YouTube’s Content ID system. Melodive Music maintains ownership of the music. Uploading Melodive Music’s Recordings to Content ID may result in inaccurate copyright claims for other users and future projects owing to the nature of YouTube’s content identification algorithms, and is a breach of our licensing terms. Please contact us if you have any more questions regarding the YouTube claim procedure.

Does Melodive Music have any limits on how I may use the music I purchase?

Yes. You may use the music for personal or commercial reasons for yourself, your clients, or your employer within the terms of the license. Melodive Music recording and the right to use it cannot be sold or transferred to a third party, nor can the license be subleased. Our music may only be resold as part of a polished final product, NOT as a standalone piece. Even if you add extra instruments or a voice to the song, you cannot promote or sell it as your own. You are not permitted to sing over the music and then sell or share the song. This also applies to any free music that Melodive Music makes available on our website, including watermarked previews and other freebies. Please refer to the part of our licensing agreement under “Limitations of Use” for additional details. Please contact us if you are unclear whether the use you are contemplating comes within our limitations of use.

Is it possible to use Melodive's music on my own website and/or social media channels as a stand-alone file?

There are no licensing agreements that allow for the use of our music or the posting of movies featuring our music to be used for listening purposes. Our music’s intended usage is to enhance your experiences by combining it with your video or podcast creations, rather than to make it accessible on its own. Utilizing our music on internet radio is likewise a violation and counts as a separate offense. As a result, we retain the right to commercialize any content on YouTube or other platforms that are considered stand-alone usage.

What about cue sheets and rights to public performance?

Cue sheets must be completed for publicly broadcast projects such as TV, radio, cinema and theater productions, and ads to guarantee that our composers are reimbursed by the applicable Performing Rights Organizations. Please refer to our section license agreement for additional details. We recommend that you contact your local Performance Rights Organization (PRO) if you are unclear whether your project comes under the realm of public performance.

Can I buy your music, sing or play guitar over it, and release my album?

No, this is absolutely forbidden. These acts are in violation of UAE and international copyright regulations. We are a source of production music. Our music may be licensed for use as background music in a variety of media, including websites, videos, DVDs, TV broadcasts, films, and video games. You are not permitted to sing over a music track or add an instrument and then sell the resulting music or song as your own, even if the original material has been changed or modified, or if new instruments or voices have been added to the music. This is known as a “Derivative Work” and is prohibited. Melodive Music has perpetual copyright of the production and recording of music.

To create an audiobook, narrative, hypnosis, guided meditation, self-help program, or any other sort of narration you are permitted to record your voice and add music as backdrop. The distinction is that the music serves as a backdrop for a product that is not advertised as a “song” or a musical production. The intent of the music is not affected in any way, and the composer and publisher retain clear and complete ownership of the copyright of the track. Please keep in mind that a Premium License is required if your project is meant to generate income for you and you distribute more than 1,000 copies of your output.

Can I release Melodive Music music covers and remixes?

No, you are not permitted. We do not provide any rights that would enable you to release covers or remixes of our music. Our music is designed to be used to augment audiovisual or podcast material for producers, not for music listening goals or to develop new music listening experiences. Consequently, although you are permitted to trim and/or loop our songs to match your audiovisual or podcast production, you are not allowed to make altered or remixed versions of our music public on any platform. Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud are examples of such platforms, although they are not the only ones. You are not permitted to register our music or any altered version thereof in any music recognition system, such as Content ID, nor with any collecting society or analogous organization. Any use of our music not specifically authorized by our licensing is a violation of our intellectual property rights.

What is a music loop?

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