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Youtubers and social media

Due to the growth and necessity of social media platforms, Melodive Music provides music tracks and cutting edge tools for content creators and YouTubers to expand their innovations and skills. Melodive Music has categorized YouTube contents into Top lists, Tutorials, product reviews and unboxing, interviews, sports, Shopping sprees/hauls, commentary and walkthrough, and lastly pets and funny animals.Many creators can find the right music for their tutorials or so called “How to make things” videos such as cooking, pastry, painting, sculpting, woodcraft, makeup tutorials, exercising, yoga, educational subjects, programming and even 3D environment architectural modeling and character sculpting. Most viral and also most commonly favorite videos are related to our beloved playful pets and funny activities of animals in wildlife. We know that video creators like to find soft and pleasant music tracks to present the cute and lovable animals, therefore we also provided specific music for the lovely animals. People constantly look for online product reviews before they decide what to buy for their needs, therefore product reviews have become very important these days. Whether people look for electronics, computers, bodybuilding supplements, statue collectables, action figures, services and movie reviews, the videos need to be professional. Definitely YouTubers tend to evolve in the quality of their videos and that’s where music comes in to make the video more presentable and engaging. Obviously content creators can find the right music for any specific use within our large library of royalty-free music.
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