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Serenity is a synthwave music with a touch pleasant piano to represent a comfortable and relaxing feel. The piano adds a beautiful touch to the music creating a sense of refreshment. The delicate digital sound helps to create a nostalgic feel. This is also a great piece to create dramatic and enlightening moments in storytelling. Directors can use this music in their documentary movies depicting a sense of care and union among humans and animals. Although the music is digital based music, it’s a very suitable piece to depict the beauty of nature and peace among animals such as the love of parents toward their children. YouTubers and content creators can use this music as a great background piece for videos featuring arts and artistic activities.

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Personal use, Web-based video contents, Online Commercials Student Projects, You tube, Vimeo & Social media

$45.00 Standard

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Cinema, TV show and News, Radio, Games & Apps

$190.00 Premium
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