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Since the dawn of the video game industry; from the early games in Atari, Sega and Nintendo; the games required sounds and soundtracks that some have been most iconic, such as the soundtrack of Mario and Sonic. From 2D pixel games to the new generation of 3d unreal engine developed games, with deep storytelling elements, such as God of War and Metal Gear Solid music plays a vital role to engage the audience more. Many small undependable game developers that wish to continue 2D retro style, fantasy, or cyberpunk games, can find plenty of cool royalty free music tracks that fit the universe of their games. A lot of action Retrowave music is available for side-scrolling combat games, such as Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom, and Streets of rage. We also have many heavy intense orchestral music tracks that can help tell many epic stories. There are very interesting and nostalgic music tracks in our library that can help players to get engaged with puzzle games. There are many music options for game creators in the genre of modern action first person shooter.
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