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Melodive Music library is an ideal choice to depict historical voyages, mythical tales and heroic journeys. You can find the most epic music tracks for any thrilling movie trailers and impressive your audience in avery short time. Storytellers can use our heroic fantasy music tracks to represent adventurous journeys that represent a great sense of courage, motivation and endeavor. Historical documentaries need great epic music pieces that can represent significant ancient histories and events that shaped the destiny of mankind. Our epic music can be used to introduce and remind the audience of historical monuments that represent our heritage.

Power, Heroism, Courage

Movie directors, game developers, and content creators can depict fantastic and heroic epic scenes using our music tracks. Videos games require many heroic fantasy music tracks to bring out the hero within. The epic music encourages players to follow the hero’s journey and face the foes. Our epic music can also be used to portray fantasy worlds in the world of cinema, video games, even novels. Some of our epic music can be used as the opening theme in documentary and action series.