Dark cinematic theme, powerful gothic and exciting Halloween music tracks from our royalty free-music library

Darkness has always been a great source of thrill and excitement. The audience is fascinated by darkness and unknown threats. Video makers can set up a bone-chilling dark mood for dark gothic castles, abandoned ruins, misty lakes, old mansions, hidden caves, and ancient tombs with our music. You can find great music in our library for any Classic and modern horror tales. We also have music for more epic horror movies.

Add more thrill to your scary content!

We also have lighter Halloween theme music, with a touch of comic feel, perfect for Halloween festivities. Not every content needs to be very dark. Creators who like to produce parody of horror movies or fun podcasts and YouTube videos as Halloween special content, they can certainly use our music. Content creators can add a great detail of excitement and adventure into any funny ghost stories, such as Casper, Addams family and Beetlejuice.