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A Wonderful Ending

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The music starts calmly with vibrant and delightful electronic pads. Soon the piano starts playing while fading in. The piano creates a great intro for something big while preserving a sense of innocence. The sound of piano resembles shining starts in a bright and colorful sky. Soon sounds of vibrant electronic pads accompany the piano. The 80’s percussions are light and create more vintage and friendly feel. The music keeps rising by more pleasant and uplifting synthesizers. The harmony of all the electric sounds creates a majestic and dreamlike feel. After the peak of the music, the melody drops down and the sound of piano takes over. The melody of piano slows down and ends the music.
The soundtrack is a suitable piece for adventurous stories in genre of fantasy, sci-fi and romance. As the name suggests “A Wonderful Ending” the soundtrack can be used for dramatic moments and acts of valor in cinema and movies which lead to pleasant conclusions. The music carries message of hope and success, and that can be used in videos and contents aiming to show dramatic achievements that made great differences. The calm mood of the music track can help depicting a sense of respect and appreciation. This piece can successfully deliver sense of accomplishment in advertising and promotional videos dedicating to grand causes.

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