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Into the Magical Garden

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Into the Magical Garden is a modern new-age music track that tells a tale of dramatic, beautiful and cherishing life. The English horn starts the music with simplicity and then a lively flute starts to accompany it. The flute adds a sense of golden brightness to the music. The outstanding harmony of such instruments brings out a great sense of beauty and kindness. Into the Magical Garden music drops down and the calm and relaxing flute begins to create a sense of fantasy as if one is floating in dreams. Again the music rises and ends the music brightly with a sense of hope.

Since the music is in the genre of new-age and it contains traditional instruments such as flute and English horn, it can express the beauty of nature. Since this royalty-free music track is so friendly, it can be used for videos related to kids and friendly animals. Also, the sense of kindness within the music can help to produce videos promoting kindness among people and animals. In the advertising industry, the music track can express the magical beauty and process of brands and products. YouTubers and Video content creators can use the music track to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in their videos to create a pleasant mood for their viewers to feel more comfortable.

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Personal use, Web-based video contents, Online Commercials Student Projects, You tube, Vimeo & Social media

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Cinema, TV show and News, Radio, Games & Apps

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