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Masters of time is a soundtrack that represents the convergence of ancient, classic and modern instruments of music. Listeners can hear all sorts of extraordinary sounds in great harmony. The music starts with a blast of electric sounds and the synthesizer, as if a time portal opens up. Percussions play ticking rhythm while accompanies an electric and futuristic pad. A bright synthesizer plays a mysterious melody on top of other electric sounds.
The music comes down and a steady sound of electric guitar melody replaces the bright synthesizer. The ancient Mongolian choir starts echoing in the background as if it’s been echoing across a temple or a cave. The choir begins to elevate. It adds a great sense of drama, traditional and primitive touch. The harmony of electric, instrumental instruments and the distinct ancient Mongolian choir create a mood that depicts the concept of parallel universes where various instruments from different times and parallel universes echoes. At the very peak of the soundtrack, the sound of echoing clock gears cast shadow over all instruments, depicting the power of time. The sound keeps rising that creates a great deal of intensity as well. After a moment of pause, the music starts to pick up as a sound of rising with a rewinding effect. The electric guitar starts playing over many other instruments. The consistent sound of ticking clock beats, digital and traditional instruments remind the power and harmony of time.
The music score is a fabulous piece to depict sci-fi and fantasy sagas and adventures in the genre of time travel and parallel universes. The sense of drama and the intensity of various instruments can also narrate many stories and documentaries in more exciting ways. Since the music has a great sense of action, it can be used in energetic plots in cinema as well as in videogames cut-scenes.

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