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Netrunner is a modern digital and orchestral Hybrid music track. The music starts with a progressive digital synthesizer that creates a sense of elegance while with a little sense of mystery. After a smooth distorting transition, an orchestral violin is introduced to the music and makes it chicer. Additional digital sounds add more color to the music and create a more progressive and dynamic rhythm. After another distortion sound effect, a new and more retro synthesizer starts taking over the music. That makes the music more energetic. Also, rising horns in the background elevate the music.

Netrunner music track can easily tell tales of the age of modern technology and human society advancement, in the realm of documentaries and advertising videos. Also, movie makers can use the music track for modern as well as sci-fi movies in genres of action and suspense. The music track can also be used in cyberpunk and futuristic video game trailers and action sequences.

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