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Most powerful cinematic Sci-fi & cyberpunk music from our royalty free-music library

Sci-fi music that can tell modern adventure, cyberpunk detective stories,
space explorations, time travel adventures

Our sci-fi royalty-free music tracks provide exciting thrilling electronic tone for modern and futuristic movie trailers. Movie directors can use our music for many cinematic projects that feature time travel, AI and robot uprising, epic battles in the galaxy, and post-apocalyptic sagas. We also have sci-fi music tracks inspired by Vangelis to create a Blade Runner atmosphere to help them tell detective cyberpunk stories. Directors, who wish to create documentaries related to space travels and explorations, can find suitable electronic tracks that are calm and help narrate such memorable voyages.

Cyberpunk music in genre of cinema, video games, and anime

Game developers can use our sci-fi music in their epic, cyberpunk, and post apocalyptic video games, creating the right setting and mood for their games and stories. We also have dark synth music tracks, perfect choice to create a dark modern world where danger is the new excitement. Also so many action scenes in the club with gunfire and fights, such scenes in Blade, John Wick, can use some of our energetic electronic music. Advertising managers and directors can use our sci-fi music track in various projects and products, such as automotive, technology and many other multimedia projects. Even book writers can use our music in their videos to promote their sci-fi novels in their social media accounts and other platforms.