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Jewel of Heaven

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Professional Summery

Jewel of Heaven is a beautiful and majestic music piece that presents elegance, serenity, pride and glory.
The music starts with a beautiful calm piano. Soon a few warm digital sounds join the Piano and create more drama. The music starts to brighten up with angelic pads. The powerful horns in the background add sense of greatness to the music. The music starts to elevate even more and creates a majestic sense of pride. The magical sounds at the background create an amazing shinning effect in the music. The angelic female choir in the back empowers the music and creates an outstanding sense of peace.
Jewel of Heaven is one of our most uplifting and glorious music in our collections. The music is perfect for tales of fantasy and romance where one takes a great journey and makes great sacrifices for love. Directors can bring many classic tales of romance to big and silver screens. The music track is a beautiful and dramatic piece that can be use to depict epic and dramatic moments in cinematic movies. The sense of elegance in the music, make this piece very suitable for luxurious products in fashion industry. The sense of kindness in the music helps content creators and professionals to depict campaigns related to helping and rescuing people, animals and our very planet, where the sense of compassion is needed. Since the music creates heavenly and celestial feelings, it can help directories to create documentaries depicting stories of men discovering the wonders of astonishing galaxies and stars.

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Cinema, TV show and News, Radio, Games & Apps

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